Welcome to Top Nosh, a build-your-own-meal restaurant in Brunei with a hearty twist.

Choose from a variety of hearty grains & proteins, top it off with vibrant greens.
At Top Nosh, we're passionate about great food, good coffee and awesome people to share it with.

Our meals and drinks are made with quality ingredients and go especially well when enjoyed with friends and family.
With great Nosh comes great responsibility.

We're on a mission to:
Do good to your taste buds.
Our bowls and their components go through a rigorous trial and error phase to make sure that they taste absolutely top nosh.
Do good to your body.
Only quality ingredients from reputable sources. We're dedicated to providing the best fuel without any additives or preservatives for a healthier and happier you.
Do good to the environment.
We've made it our mission to operate more sustainably. That's why we've opted for biodegradable and recyclable packaging to help do our part to save the planet.